Technical Translations

Technical (including Scientific / Industrial / Medical / Business / Legal) Translations

What is technical translation?

Here at ANSS, it refers to Scientific / Industrial / Medical / Business / Legal Translation. Technical translation is a type of specialized translation of technological documents, i.e., owner's manuals, user guides, pharmaceutical instruction sheets, etc. Technical translation requires a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminologies. Most technical translation clients are businesses in various industries. To accommodate the demanding technical requirements, most technical translators hold PhD / master degrees in the related disciplines from abroad or in the US. Many of them are professionals in the US and translation specialists in their respective fields.

After initial translation, important technical documents will go through our strict review and editing process. The first review is to be provided by the original translator, and the second review by a peer technical translator.

Our expert translation team has successfully completed various professional translation projects for many industries in English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Romanian, Turkish, Czech, Russian and Ukrainian and is expanding our technical translation services rapidly.

Industries we serve:

  • Medicine

  • IT

  • Engineering

  • Legal

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Education

Typical documents we translate:

  • Product Manuals

  • Product Catalogs

  • User Guides

  • Marketing Brochures

  • Business Proposals

  • Websites

  • Softwares

  • Research Papers

  • Surveys / Letters

  • Financial Statements

  • Pharmaceutical Instruction Sheets

  • Court Decisions

Languages we serve:

We currently offer technical translation between English and the languages below:

  • Simplified / Traditional Chinese

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Arabic

  • Portuguese

  • Vietnamese

  • German

  • Italian

  • Romanian

  • Turkish

  • Czech

  • Russian

  • Ukrainian

For information on other languages, please call or email us at

Apply Services

1. Email your documents with specific requirements: languages, due date, service level (high, mid, low) to to get a free quote on timely basis. You can use below email template:

Dear tech translation staff,

We are xxx company, in the industry of xxxxx, located in xxx. We have attached a medical (IT/ engineering / financial, etc) document in xxx language and need it to be translated into xxxx language. Our requirement on this translation job is high / mid / low. And we need it within xxx days.

Please give us a free quote. The best number to reach us is xxxxxxxx.


2. We may call back to collect and confirm relevant info about your project. Next, we will reply with a free quote and provide the payment method.

3. Keep in touch with us during the project.

4. Receive your translation by email.

5. Changes, updates are free.

Why choose ANSS?

  • Qualified technical translators. ANSS is fully aware of the importance of technical documents, and the challenges of technical translation. Therefore, ANSS only uses qualified and experienced technical translators with relevant professional knowledge and excellent language skills.

  • Complete quality control process, including: original translation; careful review by the original translator; second review by a peer translator / reviewer (optional).

  • Different level of services to fit your needs and budgets: High: documents such as manuals and catalogs, which are technical and will be used / printed many times. Medium: contents are technical, but will not be used often. Low: contents are technical in nature but not very important.

  • Competitive prices.

  • Convenient customer support: clients can easily reach us with questions or concerns via phone, email or website form.

  • Free quotes: Just email your documents to to get a free quote on a timely basis.